Paid for Reset Key but not received yet ?

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    PrinterKeys.Com automated with sending the Reset Key after completed payment. If you do not receive Reset Key after payment, you can check your email with spam box or junk box or search in your email with keyword “” to find the Reset Key.

    Pay attenion if You have placed Your email with no mistakes when placing an order.
    (we often get wrong email addresses like instead, instead etc..)

    Take in mind that if You paid Your order by PayPal - the Reset Key will be sent to Your PayPal account email address. Not that address You place an order, but PayPal account email address.

    Finaly, if You have no idea where can You find the Reset Key - please contact us with following information:
    1. Your email address (which You have used placing an order).
    2. Date when payment has been made.
    3. Amount.
    4. How have You paid? PayPal, Credit Card, Scrill, Western Union etc.
    5. Your Order number (if You have got it).

    We'll check Your payment in few hours and give ordered items to Your email address manualy.
    Also, You can ask our Live Help when our operators are OnLine.

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