How to avoid Waste Ink Counter overflow

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    Your Epson printer’s Waste Ink Counter overflow so quickly.

    Tips on how to avoid Waste Ink Counters overflow:
    – Use quality inks to avoid printhead cleanings.
    – Use printhead cleaning when it is strongly needed.
    – Epson offers optional, cost-effective, one or two-year service contracts for our inkjet printers in addition to the standard one-year warranty. While under warranty or service contract, all hardware failures and maintenance messages are covered by repairs. With one of these options, you can ensure the continued operation even with heavy use for up to 3 years.
    – Another option for high volume users is to consider a higher level printer with a more robust duty cycle like the Epson Stylus Pro line of printers with larger ink cartridges and lower costs of use.
    As You know Epson printer Waste Ink is collected by waste ink pads during the initial setup of the product, during printhead cleaning cycles, and when printing borderless photographs.

    So, the Waste Ink Counters overflow time depends on these 3 items:
    + How many times the printhead cleaning cycles were performed;
    + How many times the initial ink charge has been used;
    + How many borderless photographs have been printed.

    Do You know? During the printhead cleaning cycle – about 2-4% of the waste ink counter is been used (the waste ink counter increases). So if You make about 25-30 printhead cleanings cycles – You can overflow the waste ink counter of your Epson printer!

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